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First Day

There will come a day on this earth where no hope will be seen. A day when all that we posses will be taken from us. A day when our only possessions  will be the clothes on our backs. A day when the world of believers will drop to their knees, or find they can not sleep, lieing awake in anguish. A day when all we will have left is our faith, and prayers. In that day all will cry out in one voice. A cry like one that is lead by the Holy Spirit. “Lord take these rags from me and cover me with your robe.”

It will be a day of spiritual darkness around the globe. And it will be a day of darkness like the world has not seen since the days of Noah. Thick dark clouds will surround the entire world. The sun will be blocked out. We will all see the darkness that has engulfed this world for so long. It will no longer exist as only a spiritual darkness. The darkness will be real.

Some will wonder in confusion on that day. Others will try and explain it away. Those in Christ will already be upon their knees.  In a moment of time emotions will all be changed.  Those, who a minute ago had been praising themselves of a victory won will now have that joy turned to fear.  A fear like they have never felt. Feelings they had for so long been depressing will no longer be contained. The truth they have in their hearts can no longer bring peace and joy. The truth now can only bring, the truth.

Those in prayer will have their fears instantly turned to joy. In the middle of the darkest day of their life, they will know in their hearts, the Son is about to appear. Looking up at the thick black clouds they will soon see the hidden hope of this world.

As the clouds seem to gather ever closer together. As lightening sets the sky a blaze. As thunders shake the very earth only two emotions remain. Shear joy, or utter fear.

Pure joy will fill the hearts of those that look up to the Heavens. The day so long awaited has come. A joy will be felt that will fill the heart. A change will be felt, like no other ever experienced. A peace will be upon us, as anticipation and wonder fills every sense. It is like our very bodies are being transformed.

What we are about to see, no pen has ever written. No man has ever been able to describe. No eye has ever seen. No explanation for what is about to happen could ever be understood. It is a long awaited surprise prepared by God for His people. And quite a surprise it will be. For in one moment the clouds will begin to separate around the entire world. Openings will all of a sudden appear, and every eye shall see the light of the Son.

All at once in a way that could only be prepared by God, all of us will see a small cloud appear in the distance. Coming ever closer and appearing ever brighter. Until we all see and recognize the image of angels surrounding the throne of Christ. Just when we had thought our hearts could not contain any more joy, our hearts are filled with a feeling of bursting in love. Can anyone describe the feeling of knowing, it is over?

As our hearts and minds, our eyes and every fiber of our being is fixed upon the sight of Jesus in the air, we will have thought our transformation has already taken place. We think, how much more could we ever ask for? Just then we see those that have been in the grave going up into the air. Angels are there to greet them. Shouts of joy are heard. Our eyes look on in wander as we take in all the sights that in a moments had appeared before our eyes. For the first time we will see the beauty of the angles that have for so long protested this earth.

We hear the shouts of joy and victory. The joy wells up within our eyes. The last tears shed on this earth by those who are in Christ are tears of joy. Watering the earth in what is no longer hope, but the realization of a new life. Eternal life. The promise fulfilled.

Our tears will be like the last memories of this earth falling upon the ground. And then it happens. In a moment our bodies are changed. We take to the air to meet those already there. Our very own angels appear before us. The look on their face tells us the whole story of all the times they have been with us. Their eyes will appear as pools of hope, that have always been there for us.

Standing next to them will be a sight that will fill us with ever more joy. Our family, our friends, that very special one we have grown to love so much will be there to greet us. We embrace in a hug. A hug that seems to last a day, or a thousand years. For the first time we will feel what all eternity is. A moment we will never want to end.

Then we find out why our angels are still so close. As they lay their hand upon our shoulder and tell us, “come, He wants to see you.” We all know who that is. As we all look up and see the brilliance of Jesus. As we all behold the joy in His face. As that joy reflects upon us. The Son has touched our face and warmed us. We all know that we are home forever.

We travel up to see Jesus. As we approach the signs of His promise to us are clear. We look upon the foundation of the city. Arrayed in colors we could never imagine. We see the love of the Father. as we know He made this all for us, his children.

We approach the gates of the city and see the giant pearls. Each reflecting the light of Jesus. The pearls are lit in an endless series of ever changing rainbows. We see the streets of gold. The sight over takes us. Every image we see says, “welcome home.” As we walk though the gate we see the ever changing light reflected from the pearl. As we walk it appears as if a rainbow is leading us through, welcoming us, reminding us of God’s promise, now fulfilled.

And there it is, the throne  Jesus sits upon. It is much more then the pictures we have been painted in our minds. Every image is there. For the first time understanding enters our minds, as we see the significance of each object. We now begin to learn all of what Jesus has for so long been trying to teach us.

But where is He? Where is Jesus? He is not upon His throne but joining in on the hugs and greetings. Telling each on of us how much He really cared. Giving to each of us a crown, a stone and a new name. There are so many people. And there is nothing but patience. There is no night. But only the light of Jesus. We do not know if an hour has passed, or a day or a year. We only wait patiently upon Jesus.

When Jesus meets us, it is a feeling that is only set aside for each one of us. A warm personal feeling. A feeling set aside for each of our hearts. One tender moment that seems to last a life time. It is not so hard to get used to eternity. It is a feeling of wanting every moment last forever.

As we all gather around, we cast our crowns at the feet of Jesus. We know we owe it all to Him. There is nothing we could have done to deserve all of this. There is nothing that we have done to create any of this. It has all been done for us. It is our gift. Our welcome home.

We are shown the tree of life. And all of it’s powers are explained, the different fruit, one for each month of the year. Time now seems like a far distant memory to us. but we will know when to gather. We see the leaves upon the tree. We are told that these are for the healing of the nations. Our minds are drawn back to the time that leaves were once used to cover our distant mother and father in the garden. But now these leaves will remain upon the tree forever, a constant reminder we are once again covered with the righteousness of Christ, forever.

Now the feast. It is more then a feast of food, it is a feast of friendship, love and learning. For now is the first day we realize, just how little we really now. We will have all eternity to learn of the love that Christ and the Father have for us. We will have forever to learn of the sacrifice of Christ and everything that it means. And so much more.


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