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As Mary leaned on the wall next to the door, she thought to herself, “Oh, what am I doing here? I just sold everything. All my clothes. All my jewelry. All my perfumes. Everything but the clothes on my back. This is all I have, right here in this tiny little bottle. Everything I have, in all the world. As thoughts went through her mind, Jesus sat back after his meal. His eyes looked over the group. He knew by the people around Him that the topic for the evening would be politics. A smile of confidence came over His face. He even let out a little laugh, as He thought to Himself……”politics, they have no idea.”

Mary peeked into the room and looked directly into the eyes of Jesus. Her head quickly darted back behind the door. Their eyes had only met an instant. The image of His eyes rested on her mind like a vision that would last a generation. Those eyes seemed to be calling out to her. She hesitated for just one more moment. Doubts began to fill her mind. “Was this the true Son of God? Why doesn’t anyone else see what he must suffer? If He is, why does He seem so calm? Doesn’t He know His life is in danger? Am I seeing something in the scriptures that is not there? Why would I be the only one in the whole world that God would allow to see such a message? Is this all just my imagination? Did I just waste all my money? My whole life just thrown away?”

Mary wanted to run away. Her feet wanted to carry her so far away. To a place where no one would know her. To a place no one would ever find out about the mistake she had just made. That was the answer. Just disappear forever. Her mind was made up. Her heart wanted just one more look at Jesus before she left. For one last time she needed to turn, stand in the doorway and look right into His eyes.

The eyes of Jesus looked past her face, down to the very depths of her soul. It was not her feet carrying her body forward, it was her heart. It was like a dream. In an instant she was standing over Jesus. The bottle of oil she never remembered opening. She was pouring it over His head. As the last drop came from the bottle and hit His head she remembered what she had been shown. Why she was there. The oil was for His burial. The thought of Him giving Himself, His life away for her was too much to bear. She only wanted to drop down beside Him. She found herself at His feet. But it didn’t matter to her. There was never enough she could ever do for Him.

Mary could not stop crying. Her tears fell upon the feet of the Son of God. The feet that had walked upon 1000 stars. The feet that had carried Him through all time. The feet that had stood in Heaven, before the Father. Her tears were now washing the feet of the Son of God. The feet she knew would soon carry the nails for her.


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