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This site will show you how to study the Bible while other sites give you only opinions.

  • Bible Study Books in Print

    Collection of books with Bible Stories and examples showing how to study scripture.

    Click here to see a list of Books in Print

  • List of Online Bible Study eBooks Available

    Bible Study online eBook Store

    Bible Study online eBook Store

  • Stories on the Gospel of Matthew now available as eBooks

    Matthew The Stories of Jesus' Ministry

    I've put together 114 stories on Matthew as a set of downloads at a modest price.

  • Understanding Parables According To The Gospel Of Mark

    Jesus explains how to understand parables

    This book explains how Jesus taught simple lessons so His disciples could understand all parables and scripture with simple lessons a child can understand.

  • Jesus Teaches About Relationships

    There is a difference between worldly relationships and those made in Heaven

    Download this eBook covering details Jesus taught His disciples about relationships. One of the important themes Jesus came to teach.

  • Understanding the Hebrew Messiah

    The Gospel of Luke

    A book based on Luke's Gospel showing the work of God's Spirit in Jesus' ministry.

  • Prophecies Fulfilled Exodus to Deuteronomy

    It makes sense to learn about the prophecies fulfilled before trying to figure out those still in the future.

    Understanding Prophecies Fulfilled is the key to understanding all prophecy. Stories, studies and study methods explained.

  • The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Genesis 1 to Exodus 27

    The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Genesis 1 to Exodus 27

    Series of books on the Tabernacle, its construction, the services and priesthood.

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Mary’s Love

Now that I think of it, Mary was the only one that found her love where ever she looked. She found her love in her judge. She found her love in the one that raised her brother. She found her love in her teacher. And she found her love in the resurrected Son of God.

Matthew 28:9. And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.

Look at the detail used in the Bible. As they were going to tell others, Jesus met them. This one line is like the whole book of Matthew in review.

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