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Rachel sat in a darkened room. Her hands tied to a chair behind her. A piece of cloth tied tightly across her mouth. She had been crying for hours. In the dark she could hear every word of the ceremony that was to be hers. She could hear as her sister spoke the vows that were to be hers. And as Jacob repeated his vows they cut through her like a knife.

How could her own father and sister do such a thing to her. Rachel cried out in her heart to God. “Oh Lord, what have I done to deserve such a thing? What could make my own family, my own blood treat me in such a way? Why can you not come to save me my Lord? Why am I left here alone to suffer such things at the hands of my own family?”

The hours passed as the tears fell down her cheeks. The cloth inside of her mouth was wet from her tears. She could taste the salt of her own sorrow. The sounds of the wedding feast were too much for her to bear. The day that was to be hers became the worst day of her life. For seven years she had dreamed of this day. The day she was to be joined for life to Jacob. So many plans they have made. All of her dreams shattered in such a short time, by the ones she loved the most.

There were no more tears. She prayed that Jacob would notice the deception and come to save her at any moment. At that moment she heard the cheers and hollers of the guests. She knew the time had come for Jacob and Leah to retire. She knew Jacob would find her out. She knew Jacob would soon come looking for her and make everything right.

It seemed like time stood still forever. She had no idea how many hours had passed. Then she opened her eyes. Her eyes were so dried and tired. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Her eyes began to focus on the image in front of her. The light from the celebration fire came through the window and rested upon the alter of her father. There stood the wooden figures of her father’s gods. In the darkness and her sorrow she thought for a moment she could hear them speak. They told her of the control they had on those that worshipped them. They told her of the plans they had for her family and how easy it was for these pieces of wood to control their minds. They spoke of fear and superstitions that they used to gain this control.

In the darkness Rachel stared straight ahead at these pieces of wood. In her heart she answered their threats. One day vengeance will be mine. I promise you that.

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