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Scenes of Fall

I looked out from my window this morning. The grass is still green and the

leaves on the trees have just began to change. But all of the flowers are

gone. Killed off buy the freezing temperatures of the last couple of

nights. It looked like death itself had come and walked across my yard

last night. The colors are gone. They all are now just black and brown.

The promise of better days has faded over night. The cold and darkness

have changed my world. Taken away one reminder of God’s promise. And there

is nothing I can do to change that. But now all I can think about is the

work that needs to be done. To cut down and gather up the dead. It

doesn’t seem fair. So much work to care for them just to get them to

flower. And in one night death takes it all away. And creates for me even

more work that needs to be done. The strange thing is. I heard the

warnings. The faithful dog had sounded the alarm. But I lay secure in my

bed thinking it was just something else. I would not let the thought cross

my mind that the end had come. I missed the signs.

I take a drive and I see the signs of death in the yards of others.

Decorations set up to celebrate the victory that death thinks it has

achieved. How can they be blinder then me? How can they put hope in a

false victory? And how can we help them to see the hope we all share?

Because what job is easier? Spreading the seed to bring new life? Or

gathering up the dead?

And this hope that we have. Where do we get our hope from? It is a free

gift from Christ. But is it really a gift if we keep it for ourselves?

SIM Philippians 1:3-14

3. Every time I think of you, I thank my God.

4. In all prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.

5. You shared in the Good News from the very first day until now.

6. I feel sure of this one thing: The One who began a good work among you will continue it until it is finished, when Christ Jesus .

7. I have you in my heart. So, it is right for me to feel like this about all of you. Whether I am in chains or giving a defense of the Good News and confirming it, all of you share with me in this gracious love.

8. My God knows that I am telling the truth: With the tender feelings of Christ Jesus I yearn for all of you.

9. This is what I am praying for: I want your love to overflow more and more with a fuller knowledge and all insight.

10. Then you will be able to test what is best, so you will be pure and without guilt when Christ .

11. You will be filled with what righteousness produces through Jesus Christ for the glory and praise of God.

12. Brothers , I want you to know that the things which have happened to me have really helped the gospel to go forward.

13. So, the fact that I am in chains for the cause of Christ has become clear to the whole palace guard and to all the other .

14. And, because of my chains, most of the brothers in the Lord have become more confident. They dare to speak the message with no fear.


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